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Vantage Peak 27/03/10

Ben on Vantage Peak:
“Dan, Georg, and I left Vancouver early on a quest for fair weather and good snow. The road was clear and we arrived at the trailhead just after 9:00. The route up Cerise Creek was well-packed by skiers and we were able to move quickly. In under two hours we were out of the trees and looking up at the glaciers hanging off the impressive peaks of the Joffre group. We then cut away from the main route and headed for the Vantage-Matier col. The snow was in great condition and we had ski tracks to follow up some of the slopes. Fifteen minutes before we reached the col we were set upon by a thick fog and visibility dropped to just a few metres. On the approach we had scoped out large cornices above and decided not to risk further navigation up the ridge in such conditions. At 1840 m, the col was the high point of our trip. We headed down and spent a couple more hours exploring the valley and checking out the hut. This area is well worth the travel time required.”

Zoa Peak 20/03/10

Ben at Zoa Peak:
“A group of six hikers set out for Zoa Peak just minutes after the spring equinox. The stars were thus nicely aligned to provide us with some great conditions for our trip. The location of the trail proper was a bit elusive, but we passed a couple of helpful folks from Chilliwack that pointed us to the most direct route. We spent less than half an hour in the forest before the views started opening up, and we had a whole wide ridge-top loaded with soft snow on which to tromp around and explore. Thanks to everyone for joining to
make this a trip to remember.”

Zoa Peak Mar. 20, 2010

Mt Laughington 14/03/10

Rob M. on Mt Laughington:
“A late start (late TR as well) and following a “prospector” through a brief 4×4 adventure after the Foley Creek FSR, placed five of us into a parking lot filled with BCMC vehicles. The BCMC skiers went down the lower Airplane Creek road while we switchbacked in snowshoes to the upper road. We stopped every twenty minutes to chat up the tango line of peaks to the north – the usual suspects – Lady, Knight, Baby Munday, Stewart, Still and Welch. Dean was the only person amongst us having spent time on Munday and Stewart, but that’s not the reason why he was our designated canary on the snowbridges. The snow pack was heavy, soft and deep so it took us a couple of hours to cover 4 km. We caught up with the skiers’ tracks at this point and soon ran into all 12 BCMC skiers skinning up an elegant line to the peak. A considerable amount of BCMC/Wanderung shared DNA led to a long exchange and catching up leaving both groups a little short of their objectives. We ended up turning back at the sub-summit. It was a fairweather day here, but one of us had to be back in Vancouver by 5:30 pm where the rain was coming down in sheets.”


Sumas Mtn 13/03/10

Steve on Sumas Mountain:
“Five of us headed out to Abbotsford on what was expected to be a very rainy day. However, the weather held out for all but the first few minutes and the last of the journey. We did the West trail which turned out to to be the right move as the East appears to no longer be usable due to blasting (for what purpose I do not know). Snow was hit at 550 metres but could be walked on all of the way to the top.

For those considering hiking this trail it is listed as a 6.5 hr hike but due to a range in hiking speeds within our group and snow it took us almost 8. Though on paper it seems as if the final destination is the peak with the large radio tower, the two highlights really are the East lookout, and Chadsey Lake. I believe this trip might be best used as a shady Summer trip on a hot day with a swim in the lake, but for views, you can do better by driving a bit further and exploring the many options in Chilliwack.

A good time was had by all.”

Diez Vistas 06/03/10

Heather at Diez Vistas:
“Nine keen hikers did a relaxed early season hike around the Diez Vistas loop. The sun was shining, the views were beautiful, and the conversation was interesting, varied, and plentiful. This hike was coupled with the great idea of a book exchange, so much of the conversation wound its way around the books people had read, heard about, liked or disliked, and which book each person had brought for the exchange. A big welcome went out to the few “first-time” Wanderungers in the group, and a big thank-you to Hurrian for organizing.”

The group enjoying great views

Garibaldi Lake 06/03/10

Rob M. at Garibaldi Lake:
“A delightfully challenging time was had by all, on this storybook day in Garibaldi Park. There were pods of hikers from many Vancouver clubs. Five of us set off on the Barrier stair-master for about 3 km, when crampons and snowshoes were donned for the slippery slope. Susanne, ski equipped, and I relented 1 km later. Just past the Taylor junction we went to breathe in the Barrier vista at its lookout. From there we gingerly descended into its gulley and out onto its lake. The lakes vistas were awesome. We followed some tracks across Lesser Garibaldi and gained the summer trail north of the creek. About 1 km later we descended directly onto Garibaldi Lake and immediately began to soak up its allure. Before the lake walk we ran into Club Treaders returning from the Burton Hut and on the return I ran into Jon and Chris heading up to Mount Price. Back to the parking lot, we kept mostly to the summer trail all the way to the local for a hoist.”

Garibaldi Lake Walk

Garibaldi Lake 06/03/10

Chris M. camping at Garibaldi Lake:
“Originally 5 but we joined with another 3 doing the same trip and caught a beautiful first day. We were able to drive to the parking lot. The trail up was icy in spots. For Saturday afternoon Jana & Peter explored and found a snow cave to sleep in, Andrew & Virginia watched sunset from Clinker Peak, Tracy (& Brenda?) went for a walk across the lake while Jon & myself played frisbee on Mount Price. Dinner, wine and chat in the shelter. Peter/Jana dominated at Uno. It was overcast and lightly snowing when we left the next day.”

I. Black Tusk.

Baden-Powell Trail 06/03/10

Steve on the Baden-Powell Trail between Deep Cove and Lynn Canyon:
“With one participant out sick and a no-show behind us the cross-over went off without a hitch. Two cars starting at opposite ends of this trail was an interesting twist on this fine day. The team coming from Deep Cove had few crowds at Grey Rock in the morning and a smooth journey the whole way, with even time for a swim. My team, coming from Lynn Canyon, had a 60 person club behind us (Vancouver’s Korean hikers), which we quickly outpaced.

The meeting in the middle was joyous as the nature-loving, quiet team (mine), and the “wild and crazy” team for the cove merged near the Samaritan trail. Lunch was short-lived as we had to get ahead of the 60 person pack again, only to find that the trail from Deep Cove to Grey Rock was teeming with dogs, smokers, and Lululemon gear. I’ve never seen so many people on that rock.

For me this was the first time starting at that end, and I found it easier to navigate some of the troublespots, but no easier on the ups and down (I thought it would be more downhill- and hike times were about equal). I think I prefer the “traditional” direction better.

We wrapped up with a snack at Honey’s doughnuts.”

Wedgemount Lake 06/03/10

Dan at Wedgemount Lake:
“A hike that adds up to more than the sums of its parts does not happen very often. In our case today the personalities gelled; selflessness and team work abounded; and a young novice hiker transcended her relative inexperience and triumped over 1,600 m of cumulative elevation gains using crampons, snowshoes, and poles in trying conditions – all for the first time!

Weather conditions were ideal – perfect, actually – with a high of 12 C at sun-drenched alpine and windless. Seven of us: Bala, Ben, Biggi, Blair, Dan, Irina, and Scott headed up early and found ourselves at the lake just past 2 pm. With the hot sun burning our bare skin, one tube of sun screen was found and generously shared amongst all of us.

A group of us headed up to the Wedgemount Glacier to explore, taking hundreds of photos, and indulging ourselves with various hijinks. When the turnaround time was reached, we dithered but finally dragged ourselves down the mountain, bum-sliding the long, steep gully just over the Wedgemount Lake saddle with glee. A fantastic day of hiking it was!”

Iona Beach 03/03/10

Chris M. on Iona Beach at sunset:
“Seven of us spent a perfect evening walking towards the north arm jetty. The weather cleared up nicely and we moved along at a relaxed pace. Sunset was perfect. We all agreed it is a hidden gem that feels well removed from the city.”