List Rules

List usage rules for subscribers…

Please DO NOT do any of the following, otherwise you may have your Wanderung subscription suspended:

  • Submission of a message to the list that is not consistent with the Wanderung callout template.

  • Using the Wanderung callout system to publicize trips from another hiking group, e.g., Clubtread, NSH, Facebook groups, etc. (all hike participants must sign the Wanderung waiver).
  • Using the Wanderung callout system to publicize a commercial event, paid service, or any type of commercial enterprise.
  • Accidentally sending a message to the list (this sometimes happens when someone hits the “reply all” button and accidentally CC’s the mailing list).

  • Sending a question to the list (all questions must be sent to

  • Sending information to the list (e.g. trip reports, comments, “lost and found” messages, etc.) Only callouts may be sent to the list. All trip reports, comments, “lost and found” messages, etc. must be sent to and will be included in the weekly newsletter if necessary.

  • Sending updates to callouts (e.g. changes to plans, corrections, etc.). These updates should only be communicated to people that have already expressed an interest in your callout.
  • Sending complaints to the list, or airing a grievance to the list (all complaints and grievances must be sent to

  • Spamming the list in any other way not described above.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ or email

Please note: Other than a “callout” message, the only other types of messages that subscribers may send to the list are as follows:

Please note that “Almost Full” or “I need more people” type messages are not permitted. Reposting a callout if you do not have enough people for your trip is also not permitted.

The “driver needed” message should be used only as a last-minute measure if your whole trip plan is about to collapse due to lack of drivers.

If you need help organizing a trip, please read our Organizer Guide.

Behaviour Rules & Code of Conduct

The following behaviour may result in a permanent ban from using Wanderung:

  • join a trip without the approval of the trip organizer;

  • invite someone who has not subscribed to the mailing list, or agreed to the waiver, or is less than 19 years old;

  • fail to show up, once you have been enrolled in a trip;

  • sign up to multiple trips that are scheduled to occur at the same time;

  • endanger yourself or other list user;

  • harm wildlife or the environment;

  • willfully damage any property;

  • commit a criminal act;

  • intimidate or harass another list user. Wanderung is serious about subscribers’ safety and has no tolerance for sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia or any other action that makes our subscribers feel unsafe.

Please remember that all subscribers have agreed to the Wanderung waiver and are bound by Wanderung’s Terms & Conditions. You must be at least 19 years old to use the list, or participate in any activities organized by other list subscribers. If you have any questions, please read our FAQ, or email

Permitted Activities

Wanderung was originally started to facilitate day hiking. In recent years it has expanded to include several other activities. Simply click on the following link for details on permitted activities.

A more comprehensive description of the Wanderung terms and conditions can be found here.