The Flickr Way

Everyone loves taking photos, and Flickr is a great way to share them with your fellow hikers.

  1. Sign up/sign in: Signing up is easy if you have a Yahoo email address. Otherwise you will need to sign up for a Yahoo account. The basic account with Flickr is free and gets you 1 TB of storage, but shows ads. A “pro” account is only $25 US per year, has unlimited storage, and removes all ads (so neither you nor viewers of your photos see any).
  2. Upload your photos: Once you have a Flickr account, go ahead and upload your photos. To add them to the Wanderung group, you must first join the group. Go to and click on the button “Join Group”. One more click to agree to the rules and now you’re a member! This allows you to post photos and take part in any discussions in the forum.
  3. Add photos to the group: The next step is to add your photos to the group. This is done by clicking on the photo you want to add and then clicking on the link that says “Add to group” which you’ll see in the box on the right of your photo, enter “Wanderung” in the search box (or scroll to find it), and click “Done”. That’s it! Your photo is now part of the Wanderung group. Repeat for all the photos you want to add. Please note that you should only add a maximum of SIX of your best photos per Wanderung trip (excess photos will be deleted from the pool!). But there’s no limit on how many trips you can post photos from.
  4. Play Tag: Another great feature of Flickr is the ability to use tags to label photos. You can search for photos with a particular tag so you can easily see what photos other people have taken (not necessarily members of Wanderung). Please add the tag “Wanderung” and/or “wanderungca” to any photos that you add to the group. Also please add the hike details so others will know where you were and be tempted to try that hike!

And you can do it all from your phone as Flickr has an app available on iOS and Android to help make all this so much easier. There are many other aspects to Flickr but we hope that gets you started!