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Cerise Creek, 13 Jul 2013

Nicky C. at Cerise Creek:
“With Wanderungers always having their backpacks packed in case of a last minute hiking opportunity it didn’t take long for us to find two others to try the Cerise Creek hike in Joffre Provincial Park! It was glorious weather – sunny and not too hot – on July 13th and after 3 hours driving we – Nicky, Gabi, Michael & Sravan – found the trailhead no problems, unlike others before us it seems. The trail was slightly easier than Joffre (fewer roots and smaller boulder field), but without the glacial blue lakes… We weren’t disappointed though – after 2-1/2 hours hiking (completely snow free) we had passed Keith’s Hut and ventured up on top of the ridge overlooking the glacier. Great lunch spot, although the mosquitoes got to us in the end! The descent took us about 2 hours. Since it was Sravan’s first time in the area we stopped in for a peek at the first Joffre lake on the way back, which only gave us a taste for more hikes like it! I would say Joffre Lakes offers more spectacular views, but the fact that we only met a handful of other hikers/climbers on the Cerise Creek trail made it a very attractive alternative.”

Enjoying lunch on the ridge

Vantage Peak 27/03/10

Ben on Vantage Peak:
“Dan, Georg, and I left Vancouver early on a quest for fair weather and good snow. The road was clear and we arrived at the trailhead just after 9:00. The route up Cerise Creek was well-packed by skiers and we were able to move quickly. In under two hours we were out of the trees and looking up at the glaciers hanging off the impressive peaks of the Joffre group. We then cut away from the main route and headed for the Vantage-Matier col. The snow was in great condition and we had ski tracks to follow up some of the slopes. Fifteen minutes before we reached the col we were set upon by a thick fog and visibility dropped to just a few metres. On the approach we had scoped out large cornices above and decided not to risk further navigation up the ridge in such conditions. At 1840 m, the col was the high point of our trip. We headed down and spent a couple more hours exploring the valley and checking out the hut. This area is well worth the travel time required.”