Wedgemount Lake 06/03/10

Dan at Wedgemount Lake:
“A hike that adds up to more than the sums of its parts does not happen very often. In our case today the personalities gelled; selflessness and team work abounded; and a young novice hiker transcended her relative inexperience and triumped over 1,600 m of cumulative elevation gains using crampons, snowshoes, and poles in trying conditions – all for the first time!

Weather conditions were ideal – perfect, actually – with a high of 12 C at sun-drenched alpine and windless. Seven of us: Bala, Ben, Biggi, Blair, Dan, Irina, and Scott headed up early and found ourselves at the lake just past 2 pm. With the hot sun burning our bare skin, one tube of sun screen was found and generously shared amongst all of us.

A group of us headed up to the Wedgemount Glacier to explore, taking hundreds of photos, and indulging ourselves with various hijinks. When the turnaround time was reached, we dithered but finally dragged ourselves down the mountain, bum-sliding the long, steep gully just over the Wedgemount Lake saddle with glee. A fantastic day of hiking it was!”

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