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Sumas Mountain, 23 May 2016

Andy H. on Sumas Mountain:
“Sarah, Anya, Adam & Sebastian joined me for a nice hike up Sumas Mountain on Victoria Day. Trail was in good condition with a number of muddy patches. Walked through the forest in and out of patches of fog until reaching Chadsey Lake, where light rain greeted us. A group or two of hikers by the lake and two fisherman – with no catch so far that day. We climbed up to the summit, having lunch at the eastern lookout – looking out on… mist! The clouds weren’t going anywhere so we headed back down to the car and on to the pub in Abbotsford for a celebratory drink before heading home. Great day out only an hour from Vancouver!”

Sumas Mtn 13/03/10

Steve on Sumas Mountain:
“Five of us headed out to Abbotsford on what was expected to be a very rainy day. However, the weather held out for all but the first few minutes and the last of the journey. We did the West trail which turned out to to be the right move as the East appears to no longer be usable due to blasting (for what purpose I do not know). Snow was hit at 550 metres but could be walked on all of the way to the top.

For those considering hiking this trail it is listed as a 6.5 hr hike but due to a range in hiking speeds within our group and snow it took us almost 8. Though on paper it seems as if the final destination is the peak with the large radio tower, the two highlights really are the East lookout, and Chadsey Lake. I believe this trip might be best used as a shady Summer trip on a hot day with a swim in the lake, but for views, you can do better by driving a bit further and exploring the many options in Chilliwack.

A good time was had by all.”