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Baden-Powell Trail, 24 May 2013

Steve on Baden Powell (east):
“A slim response to my Friday callout dropped from 3 to just 2 of us, but Merv was on board with doing a reduced sized hike just the same. I’ve done the one-way version of this many times in both directions, but by leaving a car in Deep Cove and driving to Hyannis Drive we minimized the driving and maximized the hiking for this half distance trip, plus dropping Merv at his car was on my way back to the bridge with hardly a detour.

The weather was with us, a blue sky day, not too hot. We discussed the many trips each of us had done and allow me to say I was impressed by some of the killer ascents my partner for the day had tackled in previous seasons.

As we arrived in Grey Rock it was apparent the walk out to the cove was going to be far less peaceful than the first part of our trip…

We were done before noon and decided to get a Honey’s donut another time.”

Baden Powell, May 2013

Baden-Powell Trail 06/03/10

Steve on the Baden-Powell Trail between Deep Cove and Lynn Canyon:
“With one participant out sick and a no-show behind us the cross-over went off without a hitch. Two cars starting at opposite ends of this trail was an interesting twist on this fine day. The team coming from Deep Cove had few crowds at Grey Rock in the morning and a smooth journey the whole way, with even time for a swim. My team, coming from Lynn Canyon, had a 60 person club behind us (Vancouver’s Korean hikers), which we quickly outpaced.

The meeting in the middle was joyous as the nature-loving, quiet team (mine), and the “wild and crazy” team for the cove merged near the Samaritan trail. Lunch was short-lived as we had to get ahead of the 60 person pack again, only to find that the trail from Deep Cove to Grey Rock was teeming with dogs, smokers, and Lululemon gear. I’ve never seen so many people on that rock.

For me this was the first time starting at that end, and I found it easier to navigate some of the troublespots, but no easier on the ups and down (I thought it would be more downhill- and hike times were about equal). I think I prefer the “traditional” direction better.

We wrapped up with a snack at Honey’s doughnuts.”

Baden-Powell Trail 18/05/09

Heather on the Baden-Powell trail:
“Seven of us decided to tackle the eastern half of the Baden Powell trail. We took the bus bright and early to Deep Cove and huffed and puffed our way up the first section to the great lookout over Indian Arm. From there is was a varied ramble across lower Seymour Mtn, enjoying the forest, crossing creeks, being in awe of the numerous trail runners and mountain bikers passing us by. After the first 13 km section, and battling our way through the tourist mobs at Lynn Canyon, we took a leisurely lunch at the coffee shop, where two of the group decided that was far enough and bussed home. The five remaining continued another 11 km to the base of Grouse Mountain, stopping to chat with other hikers and at the surprise discovery of a couch on the middle of the trail. This photo op also led to the discovery that one of the cameras had stayed at the coffee shop, but with the help of cell phones for internet surfing (while couch surfing), all was eventually restored to proper order. Total trip was nine hours long – a pleasant hike with great company!”