About Wanderung

E-mail Subscription Call-out Hiking Group

Wanderung is an email-based mailing list. To “join” Wanderung is to become a subscriber of that list. The mailing list (and this website) are administered by an incorporated non-profit society called “Wanderung Outdoor Recreation Society”. Subscribers of the mailing list are not members of the society.

The primary purpose of the mailing list is to allow subscribers to publicize (“callout“) their intention to organize a hike (or other permitted activity) thereby inviting other subscribers to join them.

The mailing list is free (there is no cost to become a subscriber) and all hikes are “self organized” by members of the public. “Callouts” are not moderated by the society, however subscribers are asked to respect a set of simple rules.

The history of Wanderung…

Wanderung began in 2002. The initial goal was simple: to provide a way for people to find trip partners for their adventures. Wandrung’s core mission is to provide trip organizers with the fastest, most convenient, flexible and efficient tool for inviting others to participate in trips/activities.

In 2009 Wanderung became an incorporated non-profit society in British Columbia, Canada.

From 2008 to the end of 2017 MEC generously covered the operating costs for Wanderung.

The society’s board endeavours to maintain the following strengths in the Wanderung mailing list:

  • Freedom: Anyone can organize a trip and trip organizers have total control over factors such as where, when, how long, and how many people.
  • Fast: If you email a “callout” to the list, you will get a response from several other list subscribers within hours or even minutes.
  • Flexible: Trips can literally be organized at the last minute in response to changing weather, and the changing schedules of trip organizers.
  • Easy and convenient: Once you’ve joined the list, just sit back and watch your in-box.
  • Opportunity: Between one and ten trips per week. If you get turned away from a group because it is full, you can quickly propose your own trip to the list.
  • Variety: Because about 400 trips are organized each year, there is a very wide variety of skills, trips ratings and activities to choose from.
  • Free: No subscription fee.
  • Car-pooling: List users do not need a vehicle (even if they are the organizer). Car pooling is very valuable feature of the Wanderung system. Several trips every year use public transport and don’t require any cars at all.
  • Uncrowded: The vast majority of groups are between 4 and eight people.
  • Learning: Wanderung publishes a weekly newsletter that teaches trip planning skills, safety, and care for the wilderness. The emphasis is on encouraging people to organize their own trips. Also, trip organizers receive a lot of advice from other list users.

Supported by community donations

As of Jan 1, 2018, Wanderung is supported by community donations.

If you would like to donate click below.

The Wanderung mailing list and wanderung.ca are useful resources for anyone who is interested in coordinating outdoor trips and recruiting willing participants.
We hope you will use and enjoy them.

See you on the trails…

Wanderung Outdoor Recreation Society.