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Mt Bishop 30/08/09

Peter B. on Mt Bishop:
“Three of us biked for one hour along the nice Seymour Valley Trail, waded through Seymour river, climbed up to Mount Bishop for 3 hours (with a 1h stop at Vicar lakes and 1h on the summit) and down for 2 hours and biked back for another hour. The trail is very steep, quite bushy but well-flagged and there is no shortage of ropes. We all liked the upper parts (the lakes and summit) much more than the first 2 hours through the forest. There were many blueberries and blueberry-loaded bear poo. We also saw a bear from a distance (probably eating blueberries or …).”

Levette Lake 24/05/09

Heather on the Levette Lake loop:
“Kitka, Paul, Janice, Bob and Heather had a great day exploring the Levette Lake loop north of Squamish. The sun was hot, the views fantastic, the air smelled of pine trees, and the wildflowers were in bloom. One of us even went for a breathtaking swim in Levette Lake during the leisurely lunch stop. A pleasant, relaxing hike with lots of variety in the forest and look-out spots.”


Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes 23/05/09

Paula at Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes:
“There is now a road sign on Chilliwack Lake Road to indicate the location of the trail. The first part of the trail is well marked and we found the steady climb to Lindeman Lake relatively easy, after enjoying a snack and photographing the extraordinary colour of the lake we continued on the trail to Greendrop. We encountered some snow and ice patches making the rock slides more treacherous to cross. About 40 mins from Greendrop, deep in the valley, we found ourselves in deep snow. All the group had worn waterproof hiking boots so we decided to proceed to Greendrop. It was quite a challenge to cross the fast flowing creeks, with snow bridges melting fast – a few ended up with feet plunged into the creek (right through the snow bridge) and another group member took a cold bath! We soldiered on to Greendrop which was half frozen and covered in snow too. Finding a small patch of sun we enjoyed lunch and a few attempted to dry out boots/socks a bit. We encountered a lot of rubbish left by campers, including empty drink cans. Walt in our group decided to collect up the cans to carry out of there and was rewarded with a full can of Heineken – nicely chilled too! We proceeded back cautiously over the snow and creeks and enjoyed getting back to Lindeman and the warm sun. Having worked up an appetite we stopped at Jacksons Steak & Grill in Chilliwack and all enjoyed an excellent meal. I would expect that it would be very difficult to reach Greendrop until the snow is completely melted, we were lucky that it was still relatively firm and we could walk across the top of it in most places but it was disintegrating rapidly.”

090523 Wanderung Lindeman & Greendrop 008