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Mystery Lake, 6 Aug 2014

Steve v. at Mystery Lake:
“Looking at the weather report I assumed it was going to be a cooking hot day worthy of an “after work” swim, but it turned out to be a bit cooler with cloud. I had 2 full cars of sign-ups and on game day we opted to hike first to Mystery Peak, then down to the lake. It turned out to be a good move making it a bit longer and by the time we reached the lake some sun had broken through. The added bonus is that Mystery Lake is probably one of the warmest mountain lakes I’ve ever been in (everyone agreed, not just my opinion!): in fact it was quite comfortable. After eating and drying off we walked out as the sun set.

While the nights are still long and warm enough, I highly suggest this trip for a weeknight evening escape. You can shorten the hike part by going directly to the lake from the parking lot and avoiding Mystery Peak.”

Petgill Lake 06/08/12

Steve at Petgill Lake:
“This trip brought me back to the early days of Wanderung. I truly enjoyed the company of my seven companions (interesting in the “good way”) as we hiked up to the this classic “two-payoff” hike. I had forgotten how the trail itself is a great part of this hike as we rose and fell through mossy sparsely-treed areas, but payoff #1 was even more of a hit: the lake. Non-glacial temperatures make this one of the best hike lakes I know (six of us swam). After the lake we went up to the viewpoint and had lunch overlooking Howe Sound. On the way down we came across more people than I recall Petgill ever having, including a guided group! (At Petgill?!) On the way down we hit a viewpoint we missed on the way up (around 1/2 way down), that had yet another great view of the Chief and Squamish from a rarely seen angle.

For those looking for a pace to hit on a warm day – Petgill is it. Tons of tree cover for shade, an awesome lake and a viewpoint where you can dry out.”

Cabin Lake 02/09/11

Keith at Cabin Lake (twice):
“I called out 2 trips to Cabin Lake and both went off really well. The hike is short but steep up to the lake and the water was cool and refreshing! One the first jaunt there were 7 peole and the 2nd there were 5. The first trip had about 84.56% on the Cabin Lake Swimability Index (CLSI) and we hit 100% on the second hike where everybody got in the water – the goal was the swim after all. Thanks everybody for their spontaneity on signing up with short notice on the trips!”

Levette Lake 24/05/09

Heather on the Levette Lake loop:
“Kitka, Paul, Janice, Bob and Heather had a great day exploring the Levette Lake loop north of Squamish. The sun was hot, the views fantastic, the air smelled of pine trees, and the wildflowers were in bloom. One of us even went for a breathtaking swim in Levette Lake during the leisurely lunch stop. A pleasant, relaxing hike with lots of variety in the forest and look-out spots.”


Bear Mountain 23/05/09

Steve on Bear Mountain:
“Three cars, 9 hikers, 123 km there, 2 GPS, 21 degrees, 0 wrong turns, 1 viewpoint, 1 pair lost sunglasses, 18 km hiking, 1 km on snow, 2 much windfall, 1 froggy pond, 1 amazing lunch spot overlooking the Fraser valley and the Cheam range, 2 borrowed insoles, 1 pair found sunglasses, 1 brown bear sighting, 1 swim in lake, 1 huge $%&* burger at the Wildcat Grill, 123 km driven home, 9 happy hikers.”