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Haylmore-Melvin Divide 25/08/12

Steve at Haylmore Melvin Divide:
“Never again will I leave my SLR camera at home. After much debate over my car being worthy of the access road, we made it easily to the trailhead and on to one of the most spectacular destinations I’ve hiked in BC. Carollyne, Paul and Laura and I camped at the higher of the twin lakes and the journey there was nothing short of an onslaught of scenic vistas one after the other. The negatives I had heard about were so overblown, it wasn’t funny. No biting bugs and the dreaded “ATV” track hardly looked different than a trail in Manning Park (though we did see one group of ATVers). In fact this was one of those trails where the ATV access is probably what made it so doable (besides at 1800 m their track ends and the awesomeness factor increases tenfold). Add this trip to your list – it easily makes my top 5 of BC (so far). A big thanks to Cara, Chris and John for their road advice and GPS tracks.”

Haylmore-Melvin, Aug 2012

Lindsay Lake 19/08/12

Stacey at Lindsay Lake:
“Alana, Amir, Carl, Colleen, Marjolein, Maya, Natasha, Solal, Stacey, and Torsten hiked up to Lindsay Lake in the hopes of finding great views and topping it off with a swim in Lindsay Lake. The weather did not cooperate but the great company and conversation more than made up for it! The hike starts off with a steep climb for about 90 minutes (with many stops!) before it levels off with gradual ups and downs during the upper loop. We chose to take a right at the junction to walk past several small lakes first and saving the “viewpoints” for the way back. The area around the lakes can be tricky as there are junctions that take you around some of the little lakes – read the signs!! The lakes aren’t large (more like ponds really) so our longcut didn’t add too much time. There is no snow at the top, but there are some slightly muddy patches still. The mosquitos were quite bad, especially around the lakes. The hike took about 7 hours at a moderate pace and several stops.”

Mt Strachan 17/08/12

Stephen H. on Mt Strachan:
“Angela, Catherine, and I headed up to Cypress for a Friday hike of Mount Strachan. We went up the always-super-fun back side gully to the north and south peaks, and descended via the Old Strachan Trail. There were no other hikers on the route. Great views of the Lions and as far as Mount Garibaldi were had from the summit. We paid for them in bug bites.”

Petgill Lake 06/08/12

Steve at Petgill Lake:
“This trip brought me back to the early days of Wanderung. I truly enjoyed the company of my seven companions (interesting in the “good way”) as we hiked up to the this classic “two-payoff” hike. I had forgotten how the trail itself is a great part of this hike as we rose and fell through mossy sparsely-treed areas, but payoff #1 was even more of a hit: the lake. Non-glacial temperatures make this one of the best hike lakes I know (six of us swam). After the lake we went up to the viewpoint and had lunch overlooking Howe Sound. On the way down we came across more people than I recall Petgill ever having, including a guided group! (At Petgill?!) On the way down we hit a viewpoint we missed on the way up (around 1/2 way down), that had yet another great view of the Chief and Squamish from a rarely seen angle.

For those looking for a pace to hit on a warm day – Petgill is it. Tons of tree cover for shade, an awesome lake and a viewpoint where you can dry out.”