Petgill Lake 06/08/12

Steve at Petgill Lake:
“This trip brought me back to the early days of Wanderung. I truly enjoyed the company of my seven companions (interesting in the “good way”) as we hiked up to the this classic “two-payoff” hike. I had forgotten how the trail itself is a great part of this hike as we rose and fell through mossy sparsely-treed areas, but payoff #1 was even more of a hit: the lake. Non-glacial temperatures make this one of the best hike lakes I know (six of us swam). After the lake we went up to the viewpoint and had lunch overlooking Howe Sound. On the way down we came across more people than I recall Petgill ever having, including a guided group! (At Petgill?!) On the way down we hit a viewpoint we missed on the way up (around 1/2 way down), that had yet another great view of the Chief and Squamish from a rarely seen angle.

For those looking for a pace to hit on a warm day – Petgill is it. Tons of tree cover for shade, an awesome lake and a viewpoint where you can dry out.”

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