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Twin Lakes, 28 Jun 2015

TLT on the TLT (Twin Lakes Trail):
“Happiness is…

Happiness is finding a crew looking for adventure.

Happiness is hiking through creeks, meadows bursting with wildflowers, and butterfly laden trails.

Happiness is jumping into a frigid lake after a hot hike.

Happiness is sharing meals, stories, and laughter.

Happiness is playing cards in a tent when the rain is pounding.

Happiness is waking up to glimpses of blue sky and a million dollar view.

Happiness is setting off on a day of scrambling, wanting to go higher, further…

Happiness is basking in the sun on the summit, watching the clouds float by.

Happiness is taking in the sea of mountains, planning our next mountain adventure.

Happiness is eating the most amazing home-made vegan meal.

Happiness is learning a new card game and laughing until we wept with tears.

Happiness is waking up and enjoying the silent beauty, knowing that we have all this wilderness to ourselves.

Happiness is… Twin Lakes

Thank you Ileana C and Shane P for a most amazing trip. It makes me want to organize more trips!”


Haylmore-Melvin Divide 25/08/12

Steve at Haylmore Melvin Divide:
“Never again will I leave my SLR camera at home. After much debate over my car being worthy of the access road, we made it easily to the trailhead and on to one of the most spectacular destinations I’ve hiked in BC. Carollyne, Paul and Laura and I camped at the higher of the twin lakes and the journey there was nothing short of an onslaught of scenic vistas one after the other. The negatives I had heard about were so overblown, it wasn’t funny. No biting bugs and the dreaded “ATV” track hardly looked different than a trail in Manning Park (though we did see one group of ATVers). In fact this was one of those trails where the ATV access is probably what made it so doable (besides at 1800 m their track ends and the awesomeness factor increases tenfold). Add this trip to your list – it easily makes my top 5 of BC (so far). A big thanks to Cara, Chris and John for their road advice and GPS tracks.”

Haylmore-Melvin, Aug 2012