Lindsay Lake 06/06/09

Robert on the Lindsay Lake trail:
“Our ambitious group of 12 hikers was successful in hiking the trail to Lindsay Lake and Eagle Peak. All the weather forecasts pointed to a sunny day, however we were in the clouds most of the day which provided its navigating challenges. We started the trail from the Buntzen Lake parking lot at 8:30 am and took the route up along Buntzen Creek to El Paso Junction, 100% snow free. From there you have a choice to take the right trail through various lakes or take the left trail to Lindsay Lake. We took the left. About halfway on this trail we hit some snow, which was easy to walk on and finally reached Lindsay lake, about 3.5 hours after our start. Even though it wasn’t sunny, there was a certain atmosphere of being in the clouds and only being able to see a few metres in front. From Lindsay Lake, we took the only route to Triangulation Point and then on to Eagle Peak. It was also here that we met a hiker from Moscow who was lost so we added another member to our group and will soon recruit a new Wanderung member. I would only recommend doing this trail when the weather is clear because in the clouds it was difficult to see the markers since visibility was extremely limited. When we arrived at Eagle Peak we decided to take the Swan Falls trail to the bottom. This trail warns of being steep and obstructed but it actually isn’t bad at all and you come out of the snow very quickly because you lose elevation so quickly. A walk back for half the group along Lake trail and Powerhouse Road for the other half made the end to a long day! Thank you for all your teamwork and eagle eye (no pun intended) scouting for markers.”

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