Pierce Lake 31/05/09

Ahmad at Pierce Lake (was Mt McGuire):
“The Borden Creek FSR was not accessible. After about 1 km into Borden Creek, there was a disassembled bridge. It looked as it was out for a long while. I had an alternative plan is to use the road that starts on the east of Slesse Creek which has a connection to Borden Creek FSR. That didn’t work either. The road was locked by a gate. Unfortunately the two 4×4 cars, which I thought we were extremely lucky to have, weren’t much of a help. We did Pierce Lake instead which is less than 3 km from where we were. The trail is in good condition except the bridge over Pierce Creek but it was not too hard to cross it. There was still snow on the last 150 m (it started at 1250 m) with a short hard section (but not too hard). No snowshoes were needed. The lake was still mostly frozen. Nice views to Macfarlane from the lake. Six of us did the hike in 7:20 hours. Thanks to Tim and Kelly who warned me that it might not be possible to access Borden Creek FSR”

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