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Cirque Lake, 18 Jul 2015

Chris N. at Cirque Lake:
“The bushwhack in to Cirque from the Conflict Lake trail is far from straight-forward. Attempt only if you are very comfortable with steep bush and are armed with at least a map, compass and/or GPS, and a good, intuitive feel for where you are. Basically, we hiked the Conflict Lake trail for about 20 min to just past a small pond. From here, we bushwhacked north to find the base of the cliffy, discontinuous ridge running up to Hidden. Climbed the ridge until about 1600 m elevation where we started to sidehill along a set of narrow benches in the forest. Eventually, we found ourselves at a pass that dropped us down to the south-west corner of Cirque. We made our way around the west side of the lake and climbed the meadows to a ridge to the north-east. Here we camped (there’s several flat spots) just above a smaller lake. We climbed Lonely and explored more small lakes to the north (and found much garbage from snowmobilers who frequent the area from the Soo valley in the winter). We returned the way we came in but lost the route once we hit the ridge edge so we headed due south to meet the Conflict Lake trail about 10 min west of where we left it. If you are planning a trip in the area, canoeing to the end of Callaghan Lake and taking the established trail to Cirque would be much easier. The lake edge is steep in most places but there are some good camping spots to the north and 100 m higher than the lake.”

Skyline Divide, 11 Jul 2015

Stephen H. on the Skyline Divide:
“Seven of us crossed the border for a wet 7-hour hike on the doorstep of Mount Baker. Bob, Karen, Marlis, Natalie, Svetlana, and Teri joined me for this ramble through meadows and over knolls. While the smoke had cleared, we were surrounded by a dense fog and, therefore, had no views of Baker. We also made a wrong turn and ended up east of our intended destination. Then wasps stung two of us. Still it was a fabulous day. We shall return.”

Tricouni Meadows East, 4 Jul 2015

Eugene Y. at Tricouni Meadows East:
“The Chance Creek FSR was in a pretty good condition and reasonably well marked with red bands at all the major intersections. With an OpenStreetMap, we had no difficulties navigating the road. My Protege easily made it to the 8.4 km mark (1050 m elevation). TJ drove his Outback for another 500 m. We walked the remaining 2 km of the road all the way to the trailhead.

The trail was in a very good condition and mostly dry. After a 30 min walk through a pleasant forest we reached the blooming meadows about 800 m south of a large glacier-fed lake at the head of the High Falls Creek (1500 m elevation). At this point we split, as some of us went directly to the lake, while others ventured to explore the ridge on the east side of the lake.

Our route to the ridge involved some light bushwhacking, crossing a boulder field, and climbing a dry stream bed. Finally we reached a narrow plateau (1700 m elevation) that offered superb views of Tricouni, Garibaldi, and the surrounding areas. As we were running out of time, we decided against proceeding further along the ridge.

Once we descended to the lake, we joined the rest of the group for a pleasant swim. The lake itself proved to be a bit too cold, however, the large tarn on the east side was truly enjoyable.”

High Falls Lake (East Tricouni)

Brandywine Meadows, 2 Jul 2015

Jaime at Brandywine Meadows:
“Well, I did this callout with the wrong date on it, which made me very upset when I realized it that morning. Luckily Alena K somehow made the same mistake and also thought the trip was for that day so we actually did get to go! I was surprised to discover that since I had been there last, there is a 4×4 road that takes you basically right to the meadows. If you don’t have a 4×4 you can park at the lower lot and make the 3 km hike up to the meadows.

We had a fantastic day at Brandywine. It was 34.5 degrees that day and we couldn’t have chosen a better location for a hike in a heat wave. There are streams EVERYWHERE! So much splashing! I even had a swim in the tiny, icy lake half way up to the ridge. Also, the mega bug situation that occurs up there was pretty mild on this day. Our first attempt to gain the ridge was on the talus slopes to the north side of the headwaters. We found a beautiful area overlooking the meadows and great views of Garibaldi but to get to the ridge there was a snowfield crossing that looked like a death trap that we quickly decided against. We descended again to the headwaters to cross over to the western side and finally made it up to the ridge. The view from even just the ridge is breathtaking. We chose not to go to the summit of Brandywine in order to avoid a darkening drive down the FSR. No regrets though. That view was fantastic. I am eager to go back and do more exploring along those ridges up there and hit the summit. I loved this hike!

Thanks to the new road, Brandywine is a very accessible and gorgeous location. Full cell service and internet too. I suspect it’ll be a hopping place for families and school groups soon if it isn’t already.”