Mt Seymour 22/03/09

Chris on Mt Seymour:
“Cara, Christian, Eric, John, Ribeka and Rob joined me on a trip up Mt Seymour where snowshoes really weren’t needed (but crampons would have been good). Despite a not great forecast, the weather was stunning. On the way up, the snow was of a styrofoam consistency – pretty solid with the tiniest bit of give. The marked route takes you to within 10m of the first peak (pump, whatever you want to call it). We ventured on to the second peak. From this point, the route to the final peak requires crossing some VERY steep terrain. A couple of us decided to attempt cutting a route but most people were quite happy to sit and enjoy the view here. On the way back, we sought out every butt- and boot-skiable slope available.

The afternoon snow was pretty sloppy in places as the temperature rose and, off the beaten path, postholing became frequent. In the shade higher up, some areas had a solid crust of slick ice.”

Seymour 2

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