Elfin Lakes 17/05/08

Hurrian P. at Elfin Lakes:
“The four of us set out for Elfin Lakes Saturday morning. Although it was definitely avalanche weather, the winter route to Elfin Lakes was well-planned to ensure little to no exposure to avalanche slopes. The trail definitely required snow shoes. Although there was no snow on the roads, the snow started at the trailhead and, because of the sun, it was slushy with lots of places where a foot just sank in. We saw a few people arrive at the shelter that night without snowshoes and they found the way slow, wet and cold. The sun was hot and a few of us got a little burned. The shelter wasn’t crowded but it was an eclectic bunch there – from the resident five-year-old daredevil, Marcus with his “extreme body sliding” to the elderly Polish man who did multi-day solo treks into avalanche country. It was a great trip.”

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