Baden-Powell Trail 17/05/08

Leslie on the Baden-Powell trail:
“Eight in total, we were all early for the meeting at Phibbs exchange, even though most didn’t know how to get there. We began at the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge and made our way to Grouse Mountain. The trail was well marked with the orange triangles signifying the BPT but in some spots short false starts up the wrong trail occurred. The only difficult part was finding where the trail picked up once we walked the 1.1 km of road into Lynn Headwaters Park. It was very well marked but a bit further than originally thought. It was a good hike through mostly second growth forest. I didn’t find the urban infringement too bad, although the viewpoints promised by Dawn Hanna were non-existent. There was that one stream we had to ford using stepping stones, but that just added to the whole experience, which everyone agreed was a great day of hiking!”

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