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Swan Falls, 24 May 2015

Bob H. at Swan Falls:
“The original forecast for today was sunny with a high of 19; however, it was overcast all day, but very comfortable temperature-wise. Our group of 4, set off at 8:45 am and made our way to the south end of Buntzen Lake, over the floating bridge. At the Pumphouse, we choose Lakeview Trail, which is a highly underused trail. After Lakeview Trail, we headed north on the Old Buntzen Lake Trail past McCombe Lake, the old intake station, the Buntzen Dam and the massive aqueduct. After a short walk on the service road, we reached the Swan Falls trailhead and ascended to the falls, which is a 200 m elevation gain. Today’s cumulative elevation gain of 937 m is due to the many ups and downs on the route, so it’s not really indicative of a strenuous hike. In fact, the hike is quite easy, except for the 200 m elevation gain on the Swan Falls trail, but that is only for a short time. There are nice views from Lakeview trail and from Swan Falls. The Swan Falls area is a great place to relax on the smooth rocks, while listening to the water fall.”

Group photo

Greendrop Lake, 20 May 2015

Andy G. at Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes:
“Third time to Greendrop Lake, third time it rained on me 🙂 At least today it was only a sprinkle, with the main thunderstorm passing us by. Lindeman Lake looked stunning in bright sunshine, which meant it was baking hot out on the boulder fields. We were glad of the cloud cover on the return leg. Speaking of boulders, I was reminded again at how many boulder fields you cross on this hike – we came to the conclusion that beyond Lindeman Lake, the hike should be regarded as one giant boulder field with a few bits of forest in between!

The trail is in good condition and the water level is low so there are no issues at any of the creek crossings. As always, crossing Post Creek in the boulder fields requires good balance, and may be a bit tricky for less experienced hikers.

Lots of trillium blooming, a few fairyslipper orchids, hooker’s fairybells, wild ginger and streambank spring beauty. To my surprise, Queen’s cup leaves are already covering the forest floor in places, and it won’t be too long before they flower – I imagine that this time next month we’ll be seeing a lovely display. Devil’s Club is in leaf, the alder and cottonwood trees are at their aromatic peak. Varied thrushes aplenty, a red-headed sapsucker or two and I heard (but never saw) a couple of rufous hummingbirds. Lindeman Lake had a lone loon floating over on the far side.

This was the third of my ten-year anniversary hikes – it was the second hike I organized through Wanderung back in May 2005, and on that occasion it rained most of the way. (It rained quite a bit on my return in July 2012 too…) Thanks to Bob, Robert, and Nik for great company and an excellent day out.”

Lindeman Lake

Alice Lake, 17 May 2015

Nancy L. at Alice Lake:
“A fabulous group of hikers enjoyed a hike in the Alice Lake area last Sunday. The weather was perfect, not too hot & not too cold. We visited 4 lakes and also climbed up Debeck Hill to see the view. It was a lovely outing shared with a great bunch of people.”

Excelsior Peak, 3 May 2015

Eugene Y. on Excelsior Peak:
“The trail was fairly gentle and well-maintained (somewhat similar to the Garibaldi Lake trail). Its lower portion (till about 1500 m) was practically snow-free. However, once we reached the alpine fields, snowshoes and gaiters became really handy as the snow was getting soft and deep.

Following the snowshoe trail, we ascended the partially covered peak from the east side. The panoramic views from the top were truly magnificent: Mt. Baker, Shuksan, Border peaks, Mt. Redoubt.

Some stats: overall, it took us about 3 hours to reach the top. There was practically no wait at the border in either direction.

And even though this was a last minute callout on a busy weekend, the hike was actually full. Thank you Dean, Susanne, and Poroshat for all your positive energy on this trip!”

Skagit River, 3 May 2015

Stephen H. on the Skagit River Trail:
“This is a nice hike for spring. Andrew, Angela, Bob, Ivy, and Paul joined me for a 20-km stroll along this gold-rush trail. The rewards: old-growth groves, harlequin ducks, a mine, and a waterfall. And solitude too, as we only encountered a few other parties.”

Eagle Ridge, 2 May 2015

Bob H. on Eagle Ridge:
“Another gruelling hike today. We started at 8:30 am and ascended the Halvor Lunden trail from the Buntzen Lake parking lot. The temperature was 9 degrees when our group of 4 started. We made it to Polytrichum Lookout in about 1 hour, to the lakes district 1 hour after than and then Lindsay Lake just before the 3 hour mark. We took a short detour to see The Pulpit viewpoint and to have a snack. Unfortunately, all we saw was white cloud! So, after our cold break (5 degrees here!), we continued back to the Lindsay Lake junction and up to Mt. Beautiful. We saw some snow today, the most being around Tangled Summit. We made it to Mt. Beautiful (1260 m) at 1:30 pm and had a relaxing 30 minute break in the sun!! Yes, thankfully the sun came out for us and we had amazing views of Coquitlam Lake and the mountains to the north and east. After our break at Mt. Beautiful, we continued on and we reached the Swan Falls/Dilly Dally Junction a short time later. We headed west, down the Swan Falls trail. After an hour of slow downhill trekking we reached the actual Swan Falls at 350 m elevation and we had another 30 minute break in the sun.”

Swan Falls