Eagle Ridge, 2 May 2015

Bob H. on Eagle Ridge:
“Another gruelling hike today. We started at 8:30 am and ascended the Halvor Lunden trail from the Buntzen Lake parking lot. The temperature was 9 degrees when our group of 4 started. We made it to Polytrichum Lookout in about 1 hour, to the lakes district 1 hour after than and then Lindsay Lake just before the 3 hour mark. We took a short detour to see The Pulpit viewpoint and to have a snack. Unfortunately, all we saw was white cloud! So, after our cold break (5 degrees here!), we continued back to the Lindsay Lake junction and up to Mt. Beautiful. We saw some snow today, the most being around Tangled Summit. We made it to Mt. Beautiful (1260 m) at 1:30 pm and had a relaxing 30 minute break in the sun!! Yes, thankfully the sun came out for us and we had amazing views of Coquitlam Lake and the mountains to the north and east. After our break at Mt. Beautiful, we continued on and we reached the Swan Falls/Dilly Dally Junction a short time later. We headed west, down the Swan Falls trail. After an hour of slow downhill trekking we reached the actual Swan Falls at 350 m elevation and we had another 30 minute break in the sun.”

Swan Falls

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