Phyllis Creek 30/08/08

Steve at Phyllis Creek:
“No bugs, no bears, no real reason to go back to this one. There were 3 highlights to this trip: the people, the after-hike dinner at Pondok, … and putting the checkmark in my book. Most of the time on this hike was spent wondering if we were on the real trail. Following orange tape can be problematic when at the highway there were 3 spots marked with orange tape. Most of this trip was a logging road, and the true low light was the slippery log section through prickle bushes (though it did explain why Brian Grover quoted such a long hike time). I wouldn’t recommend this especially because though it ends a 2 little lakes, we couldn’t find a way to get near them and no beach was evident at all (we ate lunch looking down over them). Did I mention the powerlines?”

Thimble berry

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