Hayward Lake 24/08/08

Anne at Hayward Lake:
“Four of us met on an already rainy Sunday morning in Vancouver. We decided that driving all the way to Chilliwack just to find the same rainy conditions there wasn’t probably worth the effort – so we followed Dave’s suggestions to go to Hayward Lake Reservoir in Mission. It’s a 16km hike around the reservoir, half of it gently rolls up and down through the forest; the other half is a flat open railway trail. The trail also passes by the dam, Dave pointed out that sometimes they offer tours there. We actually managed to start with no rain – unfortunately it did not last for long. The rain set in pretty soon and once we left the the forest covered part of the trail we got soaked pretty quickly; at this point it had turned into pouring rain… By the time we got back to the car, it was with and without GoreTex just dripping down on us… Nevertheless we all got a good workout and fresh air (and the proof that we are waterproof hikers!)”

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