Mt. Seymour 01/09/08

Carollyne at Mt. Seymour Norvan Falls:
“Unfortunately, sometimes weather doesn’t co-operate, and today’s plan to hike Seymour was one of those occasions. Seven of us eagerly went up to Seymour, hoping that somehow the cloaked North Shore would reveal itself when we got there, but the fog was so dense, the end half of the parking lot was invisible and the buildings disappeared too. We all agreed to hike to Norvan Falls instead, and had a great hike with lunch at the falls, and soaked up the sun at Third Debris Chute beach on the return trip. The water levels in all the creeks are now quite low, making it an easy hike, although muddy at times. We met two backpackers on an early return from Lynn Lake – due to the weather. Momentarily, some of us thought about trying Seymour again this afternoon, but the pleasant sound of the Lynn Creek washed that idea away.”

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