Brandywine Meadows 01/09/08

Su-Laine at Brandywine Meadows:
“After three cancellations, five of us piled into one car and had a super afternoon at Brandywine Meadows near Whistler. Thanks Ahmad for the new driving directions. Don’t let the short (6 km) distance and the word “meadows” make you think this is an easy hike – it was the muckiest trail I’ve done in a long time (as one person put it, it became no longer about mud in his socks, but socks in his mud), and steep with lots of fallen trees and some confusing trail marking that caused our group to be separated for about an hour on the return. The meadows at the top, with mountains in the background, are a very special place though and this was a trip to remember. Flowers were blooming, but starting to die off – better get there soon if you want to see them this year. We met up with Carole’s group and had lunch together. “


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