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Mount Crumpit, 13 Dec 2014

Stephen H. on Mount Crumpit:
“Last month’s trip to Crumpit Woods in Squamish called for a follow-up. Christine, Donna, Jaime, and Sherron joined me for a delightful loop that visited Mount Crumpit, Five Point Hill, and three other hilltops in the woods. With so many mountain bike trails in the area, it’s easy to get off course. Fortunately, a map and GPS kept us from getting lost. We had the place to ourselves (except for the occasional sound of dirt bikes) and enjoyed plenty of views of the Chief. After hiking the Woodpecker trail, we even saw one of those too.”

Crumpit Woods, 28 Nov 2014

Stephen H. in Crumpit Woods:
“Apparently, I should have labelled this callout as “exploratory”. Matt, Mary, and Saeed set off with me to ascend the Seven Summits of Crumpit. After getting the help of a Squamish local to find the Smoke Bluffs summit, we decided to bypass the majority of the hilltops on the agenda and make a beeline for the tallest, Mount Crumpit. After a few hours of navigating the maze of mountain bike trails in this interesting area, it was clear we wouldn’t make our objective and return before sundown. So we looped back on the Summer’s Eve trail, making our trip the One Summit of Crumpit. Watch out for my Mount Crumpit callout in the future.”