Lightning Lakes 13/07/08

Carollyne at Lightning Lakes:
“Although a group of four dwindled to two by 7:45, Daniel and I had a great day at Lightning Lakes. We made good time and had lunch in the shade of the cottonwoods at the end of the Thunder Lake trail. The beautiful blue-green lakes are almost constant companions all the way. Between Strike and Thunder Lakes, the trail revealed an astonishing number and variety of alpine flowers – as well as the huge rockslides. It was well worth the extra 6 km. On an otherwise hot day, a strong breeze kept us comfortable and kept the few black flies, deer flies and mosquitoes from being bothersome. A few canoeists, two tubby boat fishermen and four small groups of hikers were the only people we saw until the kids jumping off Rainbow Bridge near the end of our hike. With frequent photo stops and lunch, the hike took 7.5 hours.”


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