Radium Lake 12/07/08

Tyler at Radium Lake:
“We got to Chilliwack Provincial Park at 10 am. We were going to park in the maintenance yard but it was full so we parked our cars in the day parking. We set off down the trail and over the bridge to Radium Lake trailhead with Kate, Heather, Bob, Gerard, Joey, Ribeka, and myself. The trail more or less follows the Radium Creek drainage, crossing the creek a few times, but there is a nice network of bridges and a suspension bridge made up of duct tape and old rope, so fording is not necessary. The trail is well marked to Radium Lake. We arrived at the lake and noticed there were tents all over so we set up our tents on the other side of the lake. We were able to find a dry spot by the creek.

Awesome campsite as it was lake property. Radium Lake is a shallow lake with an emerald green color. There used to be a shelter there, but the roof has long since caved in, so it’s no longer useable but exciting to see. On Sunday morning we decided to leave our gear and go on a day hike up the mountain to Mt Webb. I really recommend this hike to the peak as the views are to die for and you can see Mt Baker and other peaks in the USA. When leaving that day I found out the wind took three of our tents and blew them into the creek. I got it the worst as all my gear was soaked. I was able to dry everything out but my sleeping bag was a bit damp. We didn’t leave camp till 4 pm and weren’t down the mountain till 7 pm. Everyone got down safe.

The weather up there was amazing with no snow, but some still around the peak of Mt Webb.”

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