Hollyburn Ridge 27/06/09

Michelle in the Cypress Bowl and Hollyburn area:
“What of Cypress in summer bloom? June has no bloom, only promises of buds and burgeoning bugs. June has no bloom, but is cloaked in lush green growth and North Shore forest. June has no bloom, but don’t let it take the bloom off Cypress, don’t bid it adieu! Cypress disrobed may have a bad case of ‘ugly naked’. But give it a few weeks and bald and bare will give way to a Friar Tuck or long stranded comb-over of speckled colour on your summer or fall trek through the area. En-route to more distant peaks or passing by to discover lily pad tarns once covered by snow. A rooty/rocky but not completely without charm section of the BP does Cypress contain, indeed indeed. Short patches of snow trundled underfoot under canopy, but easily so. And by two weeks time no more.”

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