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Hollyburn Peak, 14 Dec 2014

Andrew W. on Hollyburn Peak:
“It was a beautiful day as a party of two headed up Hollyburn Peak for a nice relaxing hike. Snow was scarce with just a dusting of the white stuff at the top, all hard packed down from the rain and freeze-thaw conditions this past week (nowhere near the amount needed for snowshoes.) A little bit of ice in a few places made the trail a little more slippery than usual but on a clear day one could see for miles. A great break from the madness of the malls!”


Baden-Powell Trail 12/06/11

Paul G. on the Baden-Powell trail:
“From the MacDonald Creek trail head at Chippendale Road, four of us kept up a quick steady pace as we climbed to the Hollyburn area where we first encountered snow at the lower cabins. By the time we reached the Boy Scout Camp our pace slowed as the trail had 0.5 to 1.0 m snow coverage. The snowpack is still quite firm, however, with minimal postholing. First Lake is still 75% covered. While the snow was gone around the former Cypress Lodge area where we stopped for lunch, the trail in the woods is still covered until just after the Blue Gentian Lake trail intersection. After that, smooth hiking through the Brothers Creek area and down to the Cleveland Dam. It was a great day for a hike!”

Hollyburn Peak 05/12/09

Carollyne on Hollyburn Peak:
“We enjoyed hard-packed, but not icy snow and a perfect blue sky on our snowshoe to Hollyburn Peak. The clear sky made for great views. The trail was popular with snowshoers and a few skiers as well. The snow was so hard-packed that snowshoes were not really needed, except for their grip on the steeper parts. One of us (not me) was smart enough to bring crampons, which were ideal for the conditions – except when sliding downhill. Excellent company made for an even better day. Trail to peak is open to Feb 1.”

Hollyburn Peak 22/11/09

Cara on Hollyburn:
“This trip was an absolute blast! Eight of us headed up the peak under brightening skies and light snow. The fresh snow on the trees was beautiful and a nice change from the rain of the previous trip. The creeks were almost covered up, though not quite. At the peak we enjoyed a quick snack, and Giri pulled out some home made gingerbread – yum! The real fun began on the way down as we jumped, somersaulted, slid and crashed our way down the mountain. We didn’t leave much “fresh stuff” behind. We rounded out the afternoon with a quick snack at the black bear pub in lynn valley before hitting the road for home. Thank you all for an awesome trip!”


Hollyburn Ridge 27/06/09

Michelle in the Cypress Bowl and Hollyburn area:
“What of Cypress in summer bloom? June has no bloom, only promises of buds and burgeoning bugs. June has no bloom, but is cloaked in lush green growth and North Shore forest. June has no bloom, but don’t let it take the bloom off Cypress, don’t bid it adieu! Cypress disrobed may have a bad case of ‘ugly naked’. But give it a few weeks and bald and bare will give way to a Friar Tuck or long stranded comb-over of speckled colour on your summer or fall trek through the area. En-route to more distant peaks or passing by to discover lily pad tarns once covered by snow. A rooty/rocky but not completely without charm section of the BP does Cypress contain, indeed indeed. Short patches of snow trundled underfoot under canopy, but easily so. And by two weeks time no more.”

Hollyburn Peak 29/03/09

Chris on Hollyburn:
“Cara, Christian, Leticia, Ming and Rob joined me on a quick trip up Hollyburn on Sunday. The weather was, of course, beautiful (hope I can keep this up all year). The snow was firm on the way up and softening in the sun on the way down. Snowshoes weren’t needed but it was slippy on the steep bits. The place was a zoo – many people on the trail and at the peak. In the shade, the air was definitely cool to cold but in the sun, it was almost shorts weather. The sliding on the way down is best near the top where it’s steep.”


Hollyburn Peak 26/12/08

Steve on Hollyburn:
“I admit it, I picked a really bad meeting spot. West Van has a pretty good bus system for getting people from the city to North Shore meeting spots but the parking lot I could see on Google maps was gone! Plus snow made it hard to just wait by the side of the road in a car. I strongly suggest Park Royal as a West Van meeting spot due to the bus hub, and quick access to the highway.

Thanks to Tim for the avalanche warning posted here: https://www.avalanche.ca/CAC_Bulletin_Regions. I simply would not have guessed the North Shore would have such extreme conditions. We decided to go as far as the signs and see what the rating on the trail was. There, it was rated `moderate’ and we took a heavily treed route, so we pressed on. The snow was blowing quite a bit and there were no views today, but plenty of recipe swapping and shower-curtain tobogganing. As Rich put it, any day on the mountain was better than the best day at work, and this Boxing Day was no exception.”

Brothers Creek 30/11/08

Michelle at Brothers Creek:
“We stayed dry under the canopy (and the weather stayed mild), but the trails were wet. The first uphill section of the trail from the lower trailhead is currently a small stream and squelchy mud was under foot most of the day (although shallow and only of consequence to boot soles and pant leg hems). Upon return we snuck a view of Burrard Inlet and Stanley Park immersed in a bed of sunset fog with the Lions Gate just peeking out of the top and the downtown core rising in the background before popping back onto the road by our cars and standing in the street to stare at the city bathed in pink. The neighbours may have wondered though as our large little tour group just stood on the street corner gazing off into the distance… Enjoyable day and good company as always.”