Hollyburn Peak 14/07/08

Diana on Hollyburn Peak:
“Our group dwindled down to 6 by the time of the hike but it was an enthusiastic group and a terrific day with a mix of sun and clouds, the perfect temperature for a short but relatively steep hike. We were surprised by the amount of snow still on the trail, probably from about 1000 m upwards, slowing down our pace a bit as we tried not to go through the edges of the melting snowmass or slip and fall. But the snow did allow us to make a miniature snowman at the summit with a banana peel wig, mini-carrot nose and wasabi peas for eyes (and yes, we did dismantle it and pack out our garbage before leaving!) The views from the summit were well worth the the slog through the snow and occasionally through scrub & brambles to avoid muddy/swampy patches on the trail, presumably wet from melting snow.”

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