Brandywine Mountain 13/07/08

Andrew R. on Brandywine Mountain:
“After a couple of days of re-scheduling two of us finally got out to Brandywine on Sunday. It was almost a no-go when we reached the road to the trail-head only to find it has been blocked! The new access is via the Callaghan Valley road 30 seconds further down the highway (from here you can join up with the old road). The road is in good shape and we had no trouble getting to within 700 metres of the trailhead (any truck or 4×4 could reach the trailhead proper). At a leisurely pace we reached the meadows in 1 hour 45 minutes and then continued to the north end of the meadows where we started the ascent to the summit ridge. The meadows still have a bit of snow but not as much as I was expecting and I think they will be completely clear within a week or two. After a long climb up steep snow slopes we made the summit ridge for eye-popping views of just about every mountain in the area (the stegosaurus-like Mt. Fee is especially impressive). We scrambled the ridge for a bit but stopped just short of the summit as we were running short on time. The descent from the ridge back to the meadows (650 m vertical) was one long bum-slide. 1:15 hours up… 5 minutes down! All in all a great day out with great weather and great company.”

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