Greendrop Lake 15/07/12

Andy G. at Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes:
“Nine of us headed east to visit the turquoise waters of Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes. I’d forgotten how enjoyable this trail was and, although Greendrop Lake itself is a little anticlimactic, especially after passing Lindeman so early in the hike, I really liked the variety along the trail: some places it’s a nice footbed, others it’s boulders. The forest has numerous large trees, and the woodland flowers are beginning to bloom. The cracks of thunder as we crossed the boulder fields in the valley between the lakes added some atmosphere to the day. The trail is flooded just beyond Lindeman Lake, but getting by is straightforward over the large boulders. The creek crossings beyond the lake might be a little daunting for some right now with the high water. Further on, past the turnoff to Flora Lake, the creek takes multiple routes across the forest floor and the marked trail is impassable (unless you don’t mind wading). However, there is an obvious pink-flagged route off to the left that leads to a log crossing over a broken log. I’m not sure how much longer that will survive. Remarkably few mosquitoes – I only got half-a-dozen bites in total. Many thanks to Cara for organizing this hike.”

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