Brunswick Lake 15/07/12

Andrew L. attempting to get to Brunswick Lake:
“Despite some last-minute bailing and a weather forecast that had turned from favourable to questionable, John and Louise joined me for an attempt at Brunswick Lake from the Porteau Cove trailhead. The logging road from the parking lot up to the trailhead was gated and locked, but a small detour around the gate has been created – if your 4WD can handle the detour, I expect it can handle the road that follows. As we ascended on foot the skies, which had been merely cloudy, grew darker and rumbles of thunder could be heard in the mountains ahead. As the rain began to fall, we found some shelter under the trees and decided to wait and see if the storm would clear as the forecast had suggested. Alas, after twenty minutes the rain merely grew harder, the skies darker, the lightning brighter and the thunder louder. We decided to turn back and almost immediately as we did so the rain increased to a torrent and the lightning struck with what I could only describe as ferocity. It seemed like the mountain was telling us to GTFO. In the end we took a quick trip to Porteau Cove and strolled along the beach before calling it a day.”

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