Garibaldi Lake 29/03/09

Rob M. on (yes, on) Garibaldi Lake:
“We drove up the Sea-to-Sky enjoying the remarkable vistas surrounding us on a day that easily exceeded our expectations. A flagon of caffeine in Squamish and we were on our merry way. A 2k walk to the trailhead and we were met by the forceful rushing sound of Rubble Creek and the Barrier standing majestic and articulated in the bright sun. Myself and Jamie quickly made our way up the Barrier in hikers while Mel, Sarah-Jane and Dan were strapped into pace-setting snowshoes. With a chorus of oohs and aahs, we perched ourselves for lunch on the Barrier enjoying the shenanigans of Whisky Jacks. Fully sated, and after hours of single track hiking, we descended through a few feet of fresh powder onto the wide expanse of Barrier Lake. A few minutes later we entered and exited another creek to be met by the larger Lesser Garibaldi Lake surreally covered in large puffs of pristine snow broken by rivulets of streaming water. Just before the canyon, we engaged the summer trail and were soon rewarded by the sight of Garibaldi Lake – we descended onto miles of flat searing white snow surrounded by Panorama Ridge, Gentian Peak, Garibaldi Mountain, Mount Price and Clinker Peak. Small pixels in the distance gained substance over time to become a couple of hiking/skiing clubs. We sucked in the grandeur of it all in and let it burn into our retinas and eventually returned. Boot-skiing our way down the trail as much as possible, we made excellent time – enough to enjoy a hardy meal and a brew in Squamish. Total elapsed time – just under 9 hours.”

Garibaldi Lake

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