Cloudburst Mtn 02/05/09

Ahmad on Cloudburst Mountain:
“Dan, Trevor, Tamsyn, and I summited after six hours of hiking. The trip started by a maze of logging roads. We found the right one fairly soon after two trial-and-errors. I parked just before the snow line which was at 600 m altitude and 3.2 km from start of the logging road. We walked along the road which ends at 7 km. No marker after that. The next stage was to find a reasonable opening in steep rocky slopes which perhaps was the hardest part of our hike. Once we got to altitude 1200 m snow quality improved, slopes ranged from gentle to steep (but not too steep), and it was fun to snowshoe. There is only one short very steep section to gain the summit ridge. Route finding was essential. On the way back, We slid almost 400 m of elevation. It took us 4 hours to get back to the car.”

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