Chilliwack River 18/10/08

Michelle at Chilliwack River:
“The Club Tread trail wiki for Chilliwack River Ecological Reserve Trail was a little more up to date/detailed than Dawn Hanna’s book and proved quite useful. The road is quite potholed and was a long, slow go even in the 4x4s. Indeed, take the right forks and do park at the barricaded bridge and walk across. From there, the access road is a gentle walk to a beautiful white sandy beach at the end of the lake. Bears apparently do lunch here as there were tracks and fish carcass. From here continue briefly on the grown in road before reaching the Ecological Reserve trailhead sign on the left. Cross the bridge remains and follow the right hand taped trail at the foot of the first giant tree. The old growth trees do not disappoint! The trail soon peters out to a carpet of untrodden moss. Look up in the branches to patiently follow yellow tape. Past this section the trail improves in visibility. There are some *huge* blowdowns to scale (thanks, Trev, for being our team booster!). Judging by the Club Tread time we may have stopped as little as a half hour from the end destination US border to take lunch before returning (due to time). We had the whole beautiful fall trail to ourselves.”

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