Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest 12/10/08

Merewyn at Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest:
“We spent the gorgeous fall day meandering through the Brohm Lake Intepretive Forest, exploring different leaf-covered paths to viewpoints of the Tantalus Range and the rock bluffs overlooking Brohm Lake. We were pleasantly surprised by the terrain and the variety of landscape we hiked through. A note to those planning to hike there in future, there is a lower trail around the lake and an upper trail. The lower trail (the route we took originally) was a bit challenging with minor scrambling over rocks and crawling over/under trees, etc. We didn’t get all the way around the lake due to time constraints and then discovered the upper trail on the way back and quickly realized that was the main route – very wide, fairly level with no obstacles. It was an adventure though (and swimming in Brohm Lake was superb!) Big thanks to Gabriela and Victor for driving!”

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