Bug Lake, 27 Jun 2013

Steve v at Bug Lake:
“This trip was doomed from the start. Pouring rain, and no intel regarding how far we’d get in a 2WD. Despite those warning signs Eric and Kim joined me for a trek into the unknown, to a place with a foreboding name.

The drive most of the way was wet, and muddy but mostly without incident save for a few logging trucks. However, about 4km from the trailhead we hit a rock obstacle and worked our way over, only to hit trees making further driving impossible. We got out and hoofed it.

The trailhead was almost impossible to find, but once we did and got past the first 200 m, it became a decent trail, though steep and muddy… and buggy. We climbed and climbed through what looked like moss and old growth and for some reason Kim got most of the bugs. We never did reach the lake due to the extra 4 km each way and impact to our turn around time, we made it about 60% of the way up the actual trail. I’ve rarely been so soaked through my boots. We finished off the adventure by helping a crashed truck driver fix a flat and then went for BBQ in Squamish.

The unfortunate kicker is that this is one of my goal hikes to complete the 103 Hikes book… so I have to go back. when I do I’ll probably aim for better weather and bring a mountain bike.”

Bug Lake, June 2013

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