Brandywine Mtn 10/08/08

Ahmad on Brandywine Mountain:
“Eight people accompanied by rain and clouds got to the summit of Brandywine. The trail to meadows is well marked but it has many roots and slippery in some sections. The trail to the ridge appears and disappears across its 400 m elevation gain and requires some type of navigation aid to select the best route in whiteout situation. It would be better if the weather was clear. The ridge itself has quite a considerable number of cairns and is easier to navigate. The entrance of the logging road that leads to the trailhead is closed but there is a way to get to it. You have drive 1 km further north and turn left on Callaghan Way. After 200 m turn left again. You will see a white building shortly and select the left logging road and after 1 km, it connects to the Brandywine road. Perhaps the road closure was the reason that we didn’t see anyone on this hike. The whole trip took 10:30 hours including a considerable number of breaks.”

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