BCMC Trail 10/08/08

Hurrian on the BCMC Trail:
“Six of us set out (including a first-timer — welcome Omid) up the BCMC this morning. The cool weather was perfect for the ascent. As usual the BCMC was more peaceful and friendlier than the Grind. At the top we stopped for lunch and a chat. Afterwards a couple people carried on to Goat Mountain and one took the Skyride down. The big adventure on the descent is that we stumbled upon the fabled Flint and Feather trail. As per legend it did have stunning views over Vancouver, few hikers and short scrambles down a few cliff faces. It also had hikers with very proprietary attitudes about the trail. (They told us not to tell anyone about the trail and not to walk down this trail as it causes erosion. The trail was surprisingly easy to find. First you start down the BCMC trail and then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…… This section has been censored by the Flint and Feather Protection Front (FFPF) — Do not attempt this trail. Do not talk about this trail. Ostracize those who do not follow these instructions.

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