BCMC trail 07/06/08

Michelle on the BCMC trail:
“The rain held off on Saturday at Grouse. The Grind parking lot was packed on opening weekend, but luckily it wasn’t all that crowded on the lower portion of the Grind when we started. The BCMC trail was is good condition – wet but firm, not muddy/squishy or too slippery. We ended up intersecting with Paul’s group and some familiar faces three-qaurters of the way up (who had come up via the Larsen trail). As we all pressed on we hit remnants of snow…and then really hit snow. It’s compact and easily tread on, but it will definitely be hanging around for more than a couple more weeks. As we deviated from doing the entire BCMC “loop” we ascended to the top. Paul joined us to warm up with tea/snack in the Chalet. Now relaxed, we took the tram down ending the day a little earlier than anticipated.”

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