Alouette Mountain 05/07/08

Hurrian P. on Alouette Mountain:
“The four of us hiked up to Alouette Mountain on Saturday morning. The first section was a steep climb on a well-marked trail. The trail became more rugged as we ascended and at times it looked like there had been relatively little upkeep on the trail this year. Several times we had to spread out to find the next marker on the trail. There was snow for the last few hundred meters of vertical. When we finally made it to the top, there was little to say for a view besides a cairn and a sense of satisfaction. The rain started coming down heavily but we kept warm by rambunctiously running/sliding/stumbling down the snowy section at the top. Thanks to Eric (my new nomination for the Wandie for driver of the year) for tolerating four wet and dirty hikers in his car for the ride home.”

At the Top

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