Juan de Fuca 04/07/08

Merewyn on the Juan de Fuca trail:
“Andy, Maria, Andrew, Gabriela, John and I spent a fabulous 5 days on the Juan de Fuca trail. While we didn’t get much sun, we only had one day of rain and even that stopped once we arrived at our beach campsite that night. The trail was quite muddy and slippery in places (one of our group ended up close to his knees in mud after one misstep) and also went quite close to cliff edges sometimes making some of us a bit nervous but otherwise the trail was easy to follow. East Sombrio Beach was by far our favourite campsite and we even toyed with staying an extra day just to lounge about on the beach (but we had a strict shuttle schedule to stick to). We heard from other hikers that there were a lot of bears around but being a boisterous, energetic group of 6, they stayed well away from us. Instead, we saw a mink, lots of millipedes and giant banana slugs, snakes, a lizard, some river otters, and black/white birds with bright red feet (still to be identified). We spent our free time at the campsites swimming in the ocean, exploring during low tides, lounging on the beach, and chatting/laughing around evening campfires.”

Juan de Fuca Trail - 04.Jul.08

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