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The Chief 09/06/12

Brenda C. on the Chief:
“Saturday turned out to be a great day for a hike after a cool, rainy week in Vancouver. Doug, April, Sebastien, Hiromi, Sean, Janice and myself left the parking lot around 9:30 am. The trail was wet and muddy at times but there was no snow to slow us down. We reached the third peak in about 2 hours after taking several breaks for pictures and rests along the way. We then made our way down to the second peak, which was busier than the third, enjoyed the view of the mountains peaking through the clouds, ate lunch and rested. The route down was expectedly busy with a serious traffic jam at the ladder and chains section. We made it back to the parking lot after about 4.5 hours. It is definitely a good idea to start this hike earlier in the day to avoid a crowded parking lot and trail.”

Stawamus Chief 09/06/2012

Hydraulic Creek 03/06/12

Chris M. at Hydraulic Creek:
“Three of us went for a 5-km bike ride along the non-motorized and paved LSCR. The trail starts right after the bridge. It is easy to follow but Joanna did mention it was quite steep. We reached the ridge junction in 2 hours, spotting our first snow there. Hiking uphill seems to give Adina blisters so we headed back down (she’s hoping for future callouts that are downhill both ways!). The waterfall sounds nice but is hard to get close enough for any good photos or great views. Everyone agreed that cycling back is much better than walking and that this area was very enjoyable.”

Cloudburst Mtn 03/06/12

Eric A. on Cloudburst Mountain:
“Three of us decided to tackle Cloudburst. We decided the best access was from the Chance Creek FSR (turns off the 99 near the turnoff to Garibaldi Lake). Turns out this is definitely the best access, only about 7 km of driving on good open logging roads. Then on foot because the road is washed out about 2 km from the end, and gets really bushy the last 1 km. The route we chose began from the end of the overgrown logging road. We bushwhacked (after avoiding almost all the clearcuts by taking the old logging road) up and kept to the right once into the trees. This unmarked route skirts some cliff bands, and is generally quite steep and direct. We ended up in avalanche debris, and followed it up a valley. This could be a treacherous route if the avalanche hazard is significant. This valley ended up on a few ridges that led to the summit ridge. Unfortunatley it was a whiteout and windy on the peak. Late May – early June is an excellent time to do this hike! Crampons and an ice axe would be nice to have.”

The Summit Shot