Sunset Trail 16/05/09

Steve on the Sunset Trail:
“Seven of us embarked upon what was a much steeper trail than I had anticipated from Sunset Marina. Our group had a very compatible pace so we managed to cut through distance to the 850 m mark quickly despite a significant amount of windfall (but someone with a chainsaw had fixed most). However, at that point we hit snow, but it was not difficult to walk on it in boots. We did, however, lose the trail near the loop at the top and were not 100% sure we made it to the right viewpoint, and at least 1 km of our journey was off-trail but we did manage to pick it up on the way back.

Given the dismal weather report, this turned out to be a good trip, with a great group, but I’d wait until June before trying this trail. And lastly, the famed Sundowner pub is no longer. The former best location in West Van is now the home of a crabby caretaker for the marina that does not welcome you with open arms.”

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