Sumas Mountain 12/07/08

Michelle on Sumas Mountain:
“A MUCH nicer trail than anticipated. Very nice forest hike under canopy the entire way to the slice of summit views at the Eastern Lookout. The trailhead is marked as the Centennial Trail and the trail well marked – although one blow down snag (marked with several ribbons) obscures a trail fork shortly before the lake (just after the creek with the rope guide). Half our crew took a leisurely swim in Chadsey Lake, a satisfying lunch spot before pressing on to the summit (about an hour away). A patch of blooming wild strawberries was discovered at the Eastern Lookout and lots of monarch butterflies. On return instead of another swim in the lake we kept going, to the beautiful little creek that is shortly before the lake on ascend and refreshed ourselves (Beth showered in the waterfall and I plain laid down in the shallow rock chute of the creek). An incredible variety of flowers (carpet like in places), and an equally incredible amount of bugs (it was a blood bath). A perfect hike for the day with good company.”

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