Rainbow Lake 24/05/08

Darcy at Rainbow Lake:
“Five of us headed up to Whistler for the trail to Rainbow Lake. The first hour of the trail was snow free. We donned snowshoes to travel over a fairly hard packed snow, three to four feet deep. Bob opted to use back country skis with skins. As the trail was hidden and the tree markers often spread out, we veered slightly off course a few times. Ahmad was great at using his compass to navigate, and Eric set us back on course as well, using GPS, his “not lost tool.” There were several “post holes” in the snow where hikers had broken through the upper crust. There were also many snow bridges, thick in some spots and dangerously thin in others. We had to hop across a couple of creeks, and detour higher off trail to find a way over one. There are two large creeks on the trail. We crossed the wood bridge over the first creek, but the platform for the second bridge was still removed for the winter. At this point we had almost reached Rainbow Lake, so we diverted our hike towards Gin and Tonic lake. We took a break with a beautiful view of Rainbow mountain and turned back around 4 pm. The day was sunny blue sky warm and the snow was slushy slippery downhill on the return trip. Constance was happy to see two black bears on our drive home.”

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