Norvan Falls 03/05/08

Steve at Norvan Falls:
“I was warned by a few people snow would be on this trail and the warnings were right. At the debris chute we had to turn back and I’d have to suggest waiting a few weeks to attempt this again (unbelievable for May!). The 5 of us ended up doing a mostly drizzly hike and wrapping up by noon (right before the sun came out…). By the way, Lynn Headwaters has some great new signs at the trailhead demonstrating the 10 essentials and trail conditions in the area, I’m inspired to do Coliseum this year. And lastly, for such a simple hike (urban meeting spot, short drive, no logging road, moderate difficulty), I personally got quite frustrated organizing this one with the high number of bailouts and lack of solid commitment etc. despite my very clear policy statements.”

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