Mt Rexford and Slesse 26/09/09

Michelle at Mt Rexford and Slesse Memorial:
“Chilliwack rarely disappoints – and these two trails exceeded expectations by miles. Chilliwack truly is full of hidden surprises and we were rewarded with larger than life rugged sheer peaks, pocket glaciers and miles of views. The perfect pair – these two trails are literally just a minute down the road from one another and you CAN skip the 4wd (at this time/in dry season this relatively short FSR trek is 2wd to or close to the Slesse Memorial trailhead (thus making BOTH accessible by 2wd with a little paitience – at least in mid summer/early fall). Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park was the perfect overnight accommodation (just down the road) but Riverside Recreation Area would be even better when open during season if not backpacking. It was neat to be able to see where you were going the next day/where you were the previous day (and gave true appreciation for the steep Rex trail hugging the sheer wall beneith Illusion). Slesse Memorial includes a lovely trail, nice gradual climb, a ridge walk, amazing fall colours, jaw dropping setting, plenty of view points and stunning panoramic views from the Propeller Cairn. Rex at 30% average gradient (much more in spots) is not for everyone. But for those up to a non-stop climb, the first half of the trail (after the old road) was a pleasant surprise – a rapid climb but a well formed lovely forest trail. The second half boasted incredible views that just didn’t quit, but it contends with very steep and often loose/unstable terrain. Early starts recommended for both no matter what season – you’ll want the time to fully explore and enjoy the end destinations (which are only the fantabulous enviable beginnings for the climbers).”

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